DEM launch 1st music single in Augmented Reality

The Axe, DEM’s debut music single has been released in Augmented Reality in collaboration with mobile app Traces.



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Music in Creative Context

The Axe’, DEM’s debut song protesting NHS cuts has been released in Augmented Reality along the route of #ourNHS demonstration marched by 250,000 in central London on March 4th 2017.

DEM have taken inspiration from Banksy whose political art works are placed on location. Placing ‘The Axe’ on location strengthens the message in the music.

What better place to put a a song about anti NHS cuts/privatisation than at the biggest anti NHS cuts/privatisation demo this year. It felt empowering as an artist to be able to say to people as we were marching, ‘look, this is a song we made about NHS cuts, it’s here for others to find today and in the future.

Traces or ‘DEMbubbles’ containing ‘The Axe’ are also found floating at London hospitals several of which reveal additional personal stories spoken by DEM. The story left at St. Charles’ is of almost dying aged 9, the one at UCHL describes a trip to A&E following a motorbike accident. There are 8 stories to ‘collect’. At the end of each story, people are invited to leave their own voice of gratitude and support for the NHS.

This immersive experience allows the audience to engage in a fun and innovative way. It also allows people to become part of the Art rather than simply consuming the music. And this is an important subject, so the project champions the People’s voice.

How to get ‘The Axe’ & leave your Trace

  1. Download Traces to your phone
  2. Go to the ‘Featured Maps’ and find DEM Map.
  3. Tap DEM map and add to favourites.
  4. Browse map to see where DEM Traces are.
  5. #FindDEM #PopDEM
  6. To leave your Trace, click the + on the DEM map
  7. Share your Trace on Twitter @tw33tDEM #popDEM

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